Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Superman On Sale Here!

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Jason Liebig has edited for Marvel's X-Titles and Desperado Publishing, as well as spending time at DC Comics in the early '90s. He's quite the aficionado for pop culture ephemera, with an emphasis on the 1970s (bumper stickers, concert tickets, etc.) The man also has a massive collection of product packaging like cereal boxes, candy wrappers and the like at his flicker account. After passing through a few hundred pages of material over a span of hours, I thought I'd offer a few spotlight posts of images Liebig has to offer DC fans.

For instance, Superman's name and likeness have been used to push countless products over the years, and just to give you an idea, check out these links:

Besides the 1989 Superman titles promotion poster pictured above that was used to announce George Pérez's arrival on the books, Liebig also has ginormous high resolution scans of the following:


LissBirds said...

OOooooh, what a nice poster. Love the way the cityscape is rendered, plus it has a nice old school feel to it.

What "hit TV series" about Superman was around in the 80's? I'm drawing a blank. That was pre-Lois and Clark.

Diabolu said...

Hyperbole strikes again. Superboy did limp along for, what, three seasons?