Thursday, August 30, 2012

Internal Correspondence Special #4: “Lobo: Frag Race 2000”


You can't keep a bad man down, and FRAG RACE 2000 is proof positive of that.

This four-issue limited series follows the other extremely successful LOBO series, with a script by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant, and finished art by Simon Bisley.

Lobo is given the job of apprehending a felon who is posing as a race car driver in the biggest, most dangerous cross-planetary drag race in the universe: the FRAG RACE 2000. This is an endurance test of man and machine, and Lobo signs on as a driver to find the creep in question. And since he can't figure out which driver is his quarry, he decides to frag them all!

This four-issue miniseries features the biggest, baddest cars in the universe, and, needless to say, tons of violence and laughs!

In other words, anything goes!


Editor- Dan Raspler
Frequency- Monthly
Pages- 32
Label- Mature
Writer- Keith Giffen, Alan Grant
Penciller/ Inker- Simon Bisley
Format- New
Duration- 4 Issues
Ship Date- 4th Quarter '92
I've labored for twenty years under the delusion that this book happened. I was confident that Biz didn't draw it, since he never even finished Lobo's Back, but I was fairly certain it was still solicited as a one shot by a different artist. A gander at online resources reveals that if this script ever got written, it's still in a drawer somewhere. I do wonder if this might have morphed into Lobo: Unamerican Gladiators, though. I think that the art on this page is from the Paramilitary Xmas Special, but can't bother to check.

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