Thursday, September 29, 2016

2015 L-Ron Amazing Houston Comic Con Jam Sketch Detail by Ali Morgainne

Hoshikko Ink is a company for artists which was originally founded in 2009 by Morgainne and her family. Their debut started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Mecha-Con where Morgainne first displayed her art in the Artist Alley.

Mecha-Con became a HUGE sucess and the company decided to sign up for more tables at other conventions. Together they traveled to over 12 conventions all over Texas and Louisiana within the next few years.

These conventions include, Anime Matsuri, Oni-com, Anime Overload, and even some comic conventions such as Comic Palooza!

Hoshikko Ink took its short leave on the winter of 2011 so that Morgainne could continue to focus on school.

On the Summer of 2013 Hoshikko Ink Decided to come back with a new look and new website.
L-Ron was the droll, sardonic robot servant of Manga Khan before he was traded to Maxwell Lord in exchange for (if I recall correctly) a fetal form of Despero. He (It?) palled around with Max and J'Onn J'Onzz for the last couple of years of Justice League International, until L-Ron was willingly cannibalized for parts to build a mind-control collar for the adult (again) rampaging Despero. As an unexpected byproduct, L-Ron's mind displaced Despero's, so the little robot became an adventurer in the hulking Kalinorian's body. Whenever you see pictures of Despero from the '90s toting guns and wearing military style pants, that's actually L-Ron. Also, he was a member of the Justice League Task Force, serving under the Martian Manhunter beside Gypsy, The Ray, and Triumph (among others.) Eventually, Despero reclaimed his form and L-Ron returned to his robot body. I think he was last seen back with Max Lord working for the Superbuddies (prior to Infinite Crisis.) Given his obvious namesake, I'm not sure DC is hot to ever use L-Ron again, but seeing as Max Lord isn't a proper master anymore, I'd like to see him play Alfred to J'Onn's Batman someday.

Ali Morgainne has a background in manga art and seemed capable of providing a cute robot, so she was part of a rapid fire series of building jam commissions I had done on (I think) the last day of Amazing Con. While looking for reference, I picked a comic with plenty of full body shots, but didn't realize it was also the issue where the partially deconstructed L-Ron was possessed by Despero and fought what was left of Justice League Europe. Hence the loose wires and "battle damage," but what the hey, it specifically recalls the Despero connection. I think it works, and it's J'Onn's 61st birthday today, so he wouldn't turn a friend away over that!

Hoshikko Ink

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