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Direct Currents: Black Friday, November 26, 2010

Five More Things You Didn’t Know About Green Lantern

Developments such as the dawning realization that the mainstream movie-going audience probably doesn’t realize that there is more than one Green Lantern have served as the latest reminder that our corner of the world is pretty convoluted if you don’t live your life hip deep in it like some of us do. And even if you do know your Hal Jordan from your Guy Gardner and John Stewart, concepts in comics can sometimes be stranger than they appear:

Matthew Kaufenberg Hand Draws the Happiest Set of Trading Cards You'll Ever Need [Art]

If tangent universes suddenly started to bleed and Johnny Ryan an Charles Schultz formed a tarot card publishing company featuring notable comic book and video game heroes, you would expect their decks to be stuffed with the kind of artwork that Matthew Kaufenberg puts his name on. As an illustrator, he really seems to enjoy wrapping classic characters like Wolverine, Marty McFly and Dr. Doom around Stimpy-proportioned bodies, and as art lovers, we're completely OK with appreciating the prickly, broad-shouldered tributes to comics and games that he sells.

Preview: Art Baltazar’s Super Pets

With a small suite of writers, Art Baltazar has created a new line for DC Comics and Capstone publisher, six new books based around the Super Pets. JE Bright, John Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens have written stories around the pets of the Justice League and villainous pets they must combat. Out in the New Year, here is a Bleeding Cool sneak peek…

9 Super-Heroes That are Perfect For the TSA's New Screening Policy

Like so many of the world's problems, it's one that would be easily solved if only we had a few of our favorite comic book super-heroes to handle this stuff for us. That's why today, I've picked out nine super-heroes that would be perfect to handle the new searches!


The Absorbascon
Just Simply Absurd: JSA #44

The Anti-Didio League of America
A Linda Danvers Look Back: Final Night

The Aquaman Shrine
Aquaman (Vol.6) #16 - Jan. 1996
Aquaman (Vol.6) #17 - Feb. 1996
Aquaman (Vol.6) #18 - March 1996
Justice League: "The Terror Beyond"
Justice League: "The Terror Beyond, Part II"
Mercy Reef Pilot Script - 2006

Armagideon Time
Power Records Presents Batman in “Mystery of the Scarecrow Corpse” & “Gorilla City”

Being Carter Hall
Comic Reader #180

The Comic Treadmill
Zatanna #7 (2011)

Comics Make Me Happy!
Picasso Superhero Portraits

Continued On 2nd Page Following
But Don't They Realize Lead is the Only Way To Block Kryptonite?
Stray Thoughts on an Aquatastic Episode of Smallville!

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
2010 Wonder Woman - Minimalismo by Rafael Lam

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
"Die, Spectre--Again!" from The Spectre #2 (1967)
"Warpath" from The Warlord #30 (1979)

Every Day Is Like Wednesday
Action Comics Weekly #606: The one where everyone hates on Hal Jordan

Firestorm Fan
The Elemental War: Splash Pages… literally
The Elemental War: Firestorm meets the Soul of the Earth
The Elemental War: Firestorm meets the Swamp Thing

Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!
Green Lantern Corps #54

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
Justice League Martian Manhunter Micro Bobble Head
2010 "M. Manhunter - Minimalismo" by Rafael Lam
2008 "In better times" by ~DasTenna

Justice League Detroit
2008 Zatanna by Rafael Lam

Once Upon A Geek
Fathers and Sons

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine
"Double-Cross of the Gorilla-Ranger!" from Tomahawk #107 (1966)

Power of the Atom
Firestorm the Nuclear Man #91 (November, 1989)

Silver Age Comics
Some Weird Silver Age Kisses

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery
Reign of the Supermen #22: Colin Clark, the British Superman
Reign of the Supermen #23: Sunshine Superman
Bruce Wayne, Agent of SHIELD Strikes Back
Reign of the Supermen #25: Superman-Red/Superman-Blue

Subject : THE SUICIDE SQUAD (Task Force X)
Incest, depression & suicidal: Welcome to Werner Vertigo's world, on a good day
Captain Boomerang the Road Warrior
Kobra kills Ravan or Ravan Kills Kobra? Is it too much to ask for both? How art imitates life part 1
The Jihad. How art imitates life part 2

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
1976 Pepsi Supergirl Glass
Review: Justice League Of America #51
Back Issue Box: Supergirl #40 and #41; The Other Satan Girl
Review: Superman #705

The Thought Experiment
Neighbor from hell Catwoman on MadTV.
Daily Batman: The Bat and the Cat, Interrupted
Batgirl is shocked –shocked!– by the homosexuality

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