Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Are These Women?

Who Are These Women???
Who are these women? Not Black Canary, we know who she is. And evidently the gal in the middle is Sterling. But who are the other two?

The obvious call for the redhead is Poison Ivy, but why would Poison Ivy help out the good guys? Looks to me like it might be Rose & Thorn instead, which would be a novel approach. That to me would also explain the black part of the costume.

And the sword slinger? Tell me this is not Katana. Please, please, tell me this is not Katana. Katana has made some questionable costume decisions over the years but if this is her, this is the absolute worst of them all. This sort of costume would have sucked in the 90s, and now that it's the 10s, this thing is absolutely atrocious. Ugh.

I guess it doesn't matter. It's Birds of Prey not written by Simone, so it won't last. Plus, it's Birds of Prey, period. So I am not buying it.


Comic Book Listings said...

I'm thinking, "yeah" it's Poison Ivy. The "black" on the costume is not really black, but shaded to look like she is part of the tree.

As for the other two.
Samaria Sally, (gonna cut your hedges down).
And Black Leather Jane, the post-modern fashion Jungle Girl.

Diabolu Frank said...

As I recall, that thing has been confirmed as Katana. One of the news sites, I think. All I remember is smirking and thinking, "oh, Luke's going to LOVE that."

LissBirds said...

Oh, it's Poison Ivy. Haven't you heard, Luke? All the Bat-villains are anti-heroes now. Two-Face wears a hoodie now and sits around doing nothing. Harley Quinn is on the Suicide Squad, Catwoman gets her own book that probably will pick up where Gotham City Sirens left off, and here is Poison Ivy in Birds of Prey.

DCnÜ: Becuase Villains Are So 2010.