Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who's Dat: Mister Big

Real Name:
Other Aliases:
Occupation: Super-Rich
Group Affiliation:
Base of Operations: Electric City, The World To Come
Height/Build: Approximately 6'0", thin
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
First Appearance: OMAC #2 (November-December 1974)

Mister Big was among the "Super-Rich" of The World To Come, but lusted for greater power. To this end, he rented the entirety of Electric City for one night under the guise of hosting a street party for his invited friends. The true purpose was to locate Professor Myron Forest and destroy Project: OMAC. Agents of Mister Big escorted OMAC into the city, then followed him to the lab of Professor Forest, whom they assassinated in a hail of bullets. OMAC himself was eventually believed shot and killed, with his body brought to Mister Big's personal physician for inspection. OMAC's death was a ruse facilitated by the satellite Brother Eye, which remained an unknown factor in Project: OMAC to Mister Big. The Mayor of Electric City had been working with the Global Peace Agency to ensnare Mister Big, who was taken into custody by Peace Agents.

Mister Big had his own private security force armed with conventional weapons who wore militaristic green uniforms. Big also had special agents prone to disguises who sometimes wore costumes wired to deliver electrical shocks on contact. They had access to hovering aircraft that could carry about three men.

"Hmmmm-- I can't help thinking about those rumors-- that Project OMAC included something else, besides this one-man army--- there was something else, I tell you!"

Created by: Jack Kirby

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