Thursday, March 31, 2016

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Outbreak

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Almost a year after our secret trial episode during Super Blog Team-Up #6, The DC Bloodlines Podcast begins in earnest during another blog/podcast crossover, #BestEventEver, devoted to the 1993 DC Comics annuals. In that vein, Diabolu Frank spends this episode discussing the history of comic book annuals and the direct sales market leading to The Chromium Age, including "Doomsday" "Knightfall" & "The Clone Saga," before circling in on the 1993 character generating spectacles at DC and Marvel Comics. Going forward, we'll look at each of the New Blood characters approximately but not always exactly according to their order of appearance, as well as the (sometimes barely) more established super-people they're paired with on either a weekly or biweekly basis (I'm keeping my options open.) Plus, we'll keep an eye on DC's 2016 revival mini-series as that comes out...

1992 Alien Parasite Designs by Arthur Adams


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Paul Hicks said...

Wow, there really is a podcast for every subject, isn't there!

I listened to the two Bloodlines episodes on the feed yesterday and I really enjoyed the effort you put in to contextualise the series in terms of events and the comic book. Although I lived through it all it isn't often you step back and see everything that led to a situation.

Unfortunately I've aggregated many of these annuals out of my collection over the years, but I'm sure I read almost all of them. Like most sane people, my vestigial affection is mostly around Hitman and that where the bookend issues are filed in my boxes, though I was sufficiently dazzled by Gunfire enough to send an enthusiastic letter that was printed in Gunfire #1. I may have to dig out the Green Lantern one to have a closer look at the body horror brought by Mitch Byrd in the Nightblade story.

I still have a complete set of the trading cards in a folder and they were much better than many of the DC sets of the time.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Oh geez. I left you a comment back on April Fools Day praising your coverage of the event. I guess the comment got eaten. :(

Well, you really did a fantastic job with your well-thought out coverage and recap of the industry at the time. Seriously, as a retailer myself at this time, you did an excellent job. Well done.