Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who's Who: Claw The Unconquered

It's a month of Anj Tuesdays here at Bloodlines as I wrap up my look at the DC Sword and Sorcery titles of the 1970s by sharing the characters' Who's Who pages from the late 80s.

I was relatively underwhelmed in my review of Claw the Unconquered here at Bloodlines a while back. In comparison to the comic craft or innovation seen in Beowulf, Stalker, and Starfire, Claw seemed a bit pedestrian. It's funny because Claw lasted 12 issues ... the longest of any of the books.

Of course, I was basing that on the one issue I read and, at least by his entry, I may have been premature.

We knew of course about his clawed hand, a trait he shared with his father. But here we learn the claw's origin and of how the world Pytharia was being fought over by gods of order and gods of chaos, the fulcrum world the universe balanced on.

Raised by the order gods to be their agent, Claw was robbed of his memory by the chaos gods and had to roam the land (as he was doing in Claw #1). Only after being reunited with a magic sword called Moonthorn did he recall his mission.

I don't know if this description is enough to make me seek out the other issues but it at least beefs up the story a bit.

The art here is nicely rendered by Keith Giffen. This is the Giffen art I see in my mind's eye, an organic look he used on the Legion which simply shines.


Diabolu Frank said...

Review: Claw The Unconquered #1

It's hard to get excited about Conan creators doing a Conan comic with a mildly deformed Conan starring. The series lasting three times longer than the rest mentioned just proves that unapologetic imitation of success is a safer bet than innovation.

That said, I'd run right out and buy this book if it was written and drawn by the Keith Giffen of the '80s rather than just penciled by the Kirby pretender of the '70s. Imagine his pairing with Fleming or Grant or DeMatteis for Cronenbergian body horror and/or stronger Lovecraftian terrors within the barbarian milieu. Did anyone ever apply period deconstructionism to the sword and sorcery stuff? How cool would that be?

Anj said...

That would be cool!

Maybe LeMire will somehow be able to sneak some of these characters into JLDark? Or Cornell into Demon Knights?

Anj said...

Oh ... and pale imitation of dreck selling better than innovation is a time honored comics tradition which is running rampant right now!