Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who's Who: Starfire

We end my look at the DC 70s Sword and Sorcery books with the Who's Who entry on Starfire.

I reviewed the first issue of Starfire here, a pretty packed opening issue laying the ground rules for this planet and establishing Starfire as a rebel determined to free her world and her people from the yoke of slavery at the hands of the Yorg and Mygorg.

I don't have any other issues of Starfire so it is interesting to read this entry and read about some of her future adventures. The first issue seemed like an interesting mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. These further adventures of super-computers and laser pistols seems like the book veered more towards the former.

The art here is by Mike Vosburg who provided the art for the entire Starfire series. I am surprised he didn't have Starfire in her more classic green turtle-shell unitard, as seen in the opening issue. Still, this look from an above angle, brandishing a sword and a laser pistol as well as a stern-appearing Starfire is a very nice pin-up.

And so, after over a year of looking at Beowulf, Starfire, Claw, and Stalker, I close this chapter of my Bloodlines reviews.

I probably won't be posting here in August but will be busy preparing another 'month of Anj' in September, focusing on one of the DC characters I think is underutilized.


Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks for the Savage July of Anj! I don't know if you listen to the Fire & Water Podcast, but a shout-out was secured in episode #24 in honor of your efforts to preserve the DC era of Swords & 'Shrooms!

Anj said...

Wow, I didn't hear it and will download soon. Did they mention the blog by name?

Diabolu Frank said...

It's more of an echo chamber, I must confess. Shag has often mentioned Bloodlines mentioning of the podcast in the Direct Currents link posts, but also promoted our Comic Reader Resume posts (as well as taking digs at the actual New Blood characters we've rarely gotten around to cover.) I dropped him a line touting your recent contributions, and he read that "on the air."