Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who's Who Stalker

July is a month of Anj Tuesdays as I ease out of my reviews of DC Sword and Sorcery 70s titles by doing a 'once a week' review of some Who's Who pages of the characters I have covered here at Bloodlines.

I reviewed the first 2 issues of this series here and eventually ended up getting all 4 issues of the book. This Who's Who page does a good job of explaining the entire story of Stalker including the open-ended finale of the book. In that last issue, Stalker arrives in the after-life, in the area of Hell that warrior God D'Grth oversees. Stalker fulfills a prophecy that the 'greatest warrior' will mobilize the cursed warrior souls into an army and overrun D'Grth. Defeated by the horde, D'Grth admits that he cannot return Stalker's soul to the nameless one. The only way the soul will be returned is if D'Grth dies ... and the only way D'Grth can die is if all his worshipers are dead. Hell-bent, literally, to get his soul back, Stalker returns to Earth vowing to kill all of D'Grth's followers. And that is where the series ends.

I am amazed that Stalker got a full-page dedicated to him in Who's Who but it does allow legend Steve Ditko to do a nice montage of the character as well as the pin-up.

And who knows, maybe one day I'll do full reviews of the final Stalker issues. Or maybe DC will reboot the character!


Diabolu Frank said...

Speaking of those reviews:
*Stalker #1
*Stalker #2

I never realized that by having one issue as a kid, I'd already collected 25% of the series. Why doesn't DC do a $9.95 trade paperback collection of it? Surely they could sell a few of those to guys like me?

I love how together this page is. That is one seriously detailed surprint, and dig that logo! The premise would actually be perfect for a New 52 reboot, as well. Um, I'm not sure I want to spread that around, though.

Anj said...

I would love a 'Showcase' style phone book trade of some of these short lived Fantasy titles. Would seem a perfect sell.

And yes, the background art really makes this page. Will Stalker come back in the DCnU? I both hope and hope not.