Saturday, January 29, 2011

Direct Currents: Saturday, January 29, 2011

DC Releases The Names Of 14 Flashpoint Mini-Series, But What Is The Mystery Of The 15th Title?

It’s Flashpoint Friday in the world of DC news, and that means another dose of info about the major upcoming event in the massively multicreator DCU. Speaking of, there’s been much discussion recently regarding just how far-reaching this thing is going to be, and today’s information dump is sure to fan the flames of that.

Will McG Make Diana Prince A DC Woman Kicking Ass… on TV?

The on again, off again, on again Wonder Woman television saga takes another interesting twist today with Deadline’s assertion that the Charlie’s Angels director and producer of nerd-savvy tv such as Chuck and Human Target is the front-runner for the directing gig on NBC’s Wonder Woman.

'Green Lantern' Movie Guardians Debut on Official T-Shirt

The official Green Lantern trailer gives fans a quick look at the home planet of the Central Power Battery, Oa, but what of the grumpy old men who run the joint? Usually it's up to action figure press materials or leaked concept art to break character design news, but today Comic Book Movie spotted a licensed GL t-shirt from Urban Collector sporting the cinematic likeness of at least three Guardians of the Universe.

The Comics Code Authority - DEFUNCT Since 2009?

Not only does the Comics Code Authority no longer appear to have any power, but it's questionable what the organization has been doing for the last year — even though publishers like DC and Archie were still using its approval stamp on their comic book covers.

Kim Jong Il Is Batman

From the Onion News Network, Kim Jong Il’s suggestion that he would disarm nuclear weapons if he can star in the next Batman movie. Beautifully observed.

Hot Buttons: What Happened to SOCIAL COMMENTARY in Comics?

Denny O'Neil, Judd Winick and Greg Rucka discuss the intersection of comics and social commentary in this latest "Hot Buttons" installment.

Joe Prado’s Blackest Night Character Designs. Around A Hundred Of Them.

Joe Prado designed many Black Lantern versions of DC Universe characetrs for the Blackest Night mega-crossover. And now he’s selling them on his website, along with other original art. You can buy them here…

Steve Rude Gallery

Op/Ed: WIZARD Magazine: A Eulogy to Days Good and Bad

Wizard and ToyFare are dead. We're certain you've heard. Now, Zack Smith looks back on the glories and failings of the magazine that once defined comics.

Piles of Heroes Make Out and Watch Wonder Woman Get Born [Art]

If you happen to find a shortage of hugs and kisses in your comic book stack this week, look no further than the group portraits of deviantART user Pe-u to fill in the gaps. Brazilians are well known across the world for embracing love and affection, and Pe-u lives up to that reputation with some manga-infused pieces inspired by Neil Gaiman's Sandman, the X-Men and the Teen Titans.

The Many Lives of Selina Kyle

With the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," SPINOFF ONLINE takes a look at the on-screen history of the sexiest cat burglar to prowl through Gotham City.

Best Art 1/21

Friday Flashback: 1984 - Kenner DC SUPER POWERS

This week's flashback goes to 1984 and the Kenner DC Super Powers Line. Can Superman make you remember these toys? U DECIDE!

Artweek 1.28

Comic Book Legends Revealed #297

In this week's edition of CBLR, you'll learn the unlikely origin of the use of the term "grim and gritty" in connection with Batman! Also, discover what story famed TV writer Greg Weisman had to wait over two decades to tell!


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LissBirds said...

Oh, sure, DC. Make a miniseries entitled "What Ever Happened to the Aliens?" but DON'T include any Martians.

The Kim Jong Il story made me literally lol. Oh, The Onion...

Seriously, how convoluted is this Wonder Woman series going to get? Or is that how TV always works? If it does get the green light, I wouldn't mind the director from Chuck directing it.

Diabolu said...

McG has done alright in television, and I'm sure he'll add much needed visual pizazz to a typical talky Kelly script.