Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who's Dat: Weapons

Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Weapons development and trafficking
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: PLASTIC MAN #5 (Autumn, 1946)


Weapons was a "merciless wizard who created tools of death for a murder-mad underworld!" Initially working with the Grub Street Gang, Weapons made "an amazing improvement in automatic firing" which seemed to bridge the classic Thompson submachine gun of the prohibition era with later full automatics. The advanced firearm came to the attention of Plastic Man when it was used against federal officers as they attempted to raid the gang's lair. Unable to silence a gunman while entering the hideout through a window, Plastic Man saw the fellow gunned down by his compatriots, distracting them long enough for G-men to storm in and wipe out the gang.

The mobster Jimalong was impressed with Weapons' gear, but wanted improvements, and the addition of a high-powered grenade launcher seemed to do the trick. However, Jimalong never arranged an exclusivity agreement, so Weapons sought out his rival Hoopsnake and began profiting from arming both gangs. However, Plastic Man was allowed to examine one of the Grub Street Gang's confiscated rifles, and after breaking it down, found it required a specific type of spring specially made by a single known vendor. Unfortunately, that lead never bore fruit.

Gang warfare broke out in the streets, and Plastic Man was able to partially interrogate a participant before the gangster was shot in the back with a grenade. Weapons was also on the scene to observe his creations in action, and began spying on his pursuer. The Ductile Detective swiftly eliminated several possible work spaces for the arms' production, and zeroing in on a correct location, was the subject of an attempted assassination by Weapons. Failing that, Weapons returned to his lair, Plastic Man and his sidekick Woozy Winks close behind. While the pair were forced to overcome a gauntlet of traps within Weapons' house, Plastic Man eventually caught his man. However, Weapons chose death over confinement, and killed himself by smoking an explosive cigar.

Besides his grenade launching machine gun, Weapons thoroughly fortified his home with devices acquired and of his own invention. These included a trap door leading to a nearby waterfall, a photo-electric cell triggered machine gun battery secreted behind wall panels, bombs, a swinging guillotine, a "multiple knife thrower," a rifle with a barrel designed to shoot around corners, a battle axe, and a disintegrator ray. Weapons ended his life with a cigar that would fire a bullet into the smoker's mouth five minutes after being lit.

"I don't like that chap! He's too selective-- too critical! If he sees many more wrong answers, he'll find the right one!"

Created by: Jack Cole

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