Monday, January 25, 2010

Aquaman battles the Legion of Doom

"What I'm seeking, Manta, is to open up that bucket on your head like a clam shell, and shove your slimy ass into it!"

With that, the Sovereign of the Seven Seas leapt without hesitation into the fray. Landing beside Toyman, Aquaman grabbed the villain by an arm and flung him bodily into Scarecrow. Fear gas canisters erupted upon the terrific impact, sending Toyman into the dark heart of his evil soul.The spectacle of this opening maneuver gave Jack O'Lantern the opening he needed to blast the nimble but generally ineffectual Riddler with his lantern's energy blast. This trespass angered the already frustrated Giganta, who returned to attempted swatting of the Irish hero.

Brainiac had been preoccupied with suffocating Thunderlord comatose, so he hadn't yet calculated the probability that Captain Cold's wild blasting of his freeze gun in a vain attempt to his the agile Aquaman would inevitably down the Coluan tyrant through "friendly fire."

Solomon Grundy had waited for Aquaman to land just long enough for him to get a grip, and seeing his chance, rushed the hero. Black Manta had been waiting for a similar opening. Neither recognized that Aquaman had positioned himself near Giganta's legs, as the evil dead and a laser's blast swept the giantess' feet out from under her. Giganta's water landing generated a tidal wave which swept the tiny island. Captain Cold tried to erect a quick barricade, but it flew back at him with crunching impact. No one was left on solid ground in the wave's wake...

Save the Global Guardians.

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