Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Chose to Draw the Injustice Gang Away From the Auditorium

Gold looked squarely at Captain Boomerang.  “Fine, Boomerang.  I’m assuming that, as the leader of the Metal Men, you really want me.  And If it’s me you want, you’ll have to come get me.”  And with that he ran across the stage and out the door amidst the shrieks and gasps of the children.  He hoped his plan of drawing the Injustice Gang away from the children would work.

He turned to see Captain Boomerang and Abra Kadabra pursuing him down the hall, a good ten feet away from him.  Further down the hall he spotted Floronic Man bringing up the rear.  Three out of five wasn’t so bad.  At least that would increase the odds for his fellow Metal Men who remained in the auditorium.

“Stand still so I can kill you!” he heard Captain Boomerang shout.  A metallic *zing* thrummed the air next to his auditory sensors and a razor-sharp boomerang lodged into the wall mere inches from where his head had been just a moment ago.

“You can’t kill me!” Gold shouted back at him with a laugh, “I’m not even alive!”

Gold sprinted down the hallway, looking ahead to the signs which marked the various rooms of Will Magnus’s vast laboratory complex.  The Robot Recovery Room would be coming up first, and then the lab.  If he could reach either with enough spare time, he could hide out in the Recovery Room and spring an ambush.  Or, maybe he’d get lucky and find Doc’s League Signaling Device somewhere in his lab and could call for help.  But it was only a matter of mere seconds…

What to do?

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