Monday, January 25, 2010

Aquaman escapes to find help

Recognizing he was out of his depths, Aquaman executed a stunning back flip with a midair twist and returned to the ocean. Deep-- deeper he plunged, far enough to avoid any enemy fire or swift pursuit.

From out of his belt, the Sea King activated his Justice League emergency signal. Through the most sophisticated technology currently available, Aquaman was able to use a miniature computerized keyboard to craft a descriptive message of 30 characters or less and send it directly to the JLA satellite's computers in just a few dozen minutes' time. Meanwhile, he would have to decide how next to proceed.

From the beach, the the Legion of Doom mocked the Sea King as a coward. Black Manta made his own argument. "See fellas, right now, the little seaman can just say he was off getting his boys together to come take us out. But see, if we really want to show people what a spineless loser the Aquachump is, them League buddies of his need to find a whole shore full of dead Global Guardians. Giganta?"

With that, the giantess scraped the Tasmanian Devil off her insole, and pitched his limp frame into the ocean. Jack O'Lantern immediately flew after to save his friend, only to feel the impact of Thunderlord's unconscious body drive them both underwater.

"Solomon Grundy wants to throw super-heroes, too!" The undead behemoth snatched Godiva's broken body by the hair, and began to swing her fragile frame like a bolo over his cruel head. Before Grundy released, the Little Mermaid sprung toward her friend, and grabbing more loose hairs, was flung out to see alomg with Godiva.

Aquaman was soon aware of the horror the Legion was perpetrating, and set about halting this proposed massacre. Swimming back toward the surface, the Sea King discovered Captain Cold had begun freezing the waters surrounding the beach. Aquaman decided to use this to his advantage, erupting from the edge of ice and running up the cold stream emitted from the Captain's special handgun. Captain Cold tried to alter his aim, but before he could think, Aquaman was already behind him. The Captain was himself past the edge of his ice floe before he knew it, and ended up freezing himself in the waters that now surrounded him.

Solomon Grundy was surprisingly quick to react, rushing at Arthur, not comprehending the hero was still standing at the brink of an ice cap. Easily dodged, Grundy couldn't stop himself from sliding headlong down the floe, far enough that he reached a point weak enough to collapse under his weight. Can the undead swim? Anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

As Grundy sank, a killer whale swum past with all of its might, launching itself at the Sea King's command onto the ice, and colliding with Manta and Giganta. Even with his enhanced intellect, everything was happening too fast for Brainiac to fully register, so that he missed the tentacles of giant squid reach up and capture all four his artificial limbs.

The Riddler, Toyman and Scarecrow were left now, defiant but not so foolish as to believe they stood a chance against the Sovereign of the Seven Seas. So concerned were they with posturing, they hadn't realized Seraph still had life enough left in him to make short work of the lot.

"Aquaman, my friends--!"

Already on it.

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