Sunday, January 31, 2010

Power Lords

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

My name is Adam Power. Like you, I came from the planet Earth and, with the help of a special jewel, tried to save the galaxy from the tyranny of Arkus. I never considered the prospect that another, greater evil would destroy us all.

First came the giant robots, whose terrible weapons ripped through the populace of Meru, people of Shaya. The tiny masked men in their little vehicles were ineffective on the water world of Rana, but the Centurions were devastating. I and the other Power Lords fled from world to world. On Militron, we were lucky enough to find reinforcements among the C.O.P.S., until the whole planet became a Spiral Zone.

Finally, the evil lord brought his full super powers to bear. Steppenwolf and Mantis led armies of parademons, while DeSaad tortured information out of the few survivors in their wake.

Go now and warn them. Sgt. Rock, G.I. Joe and Captain Action. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The Warlord, Arak and Hercules. Tell them of our dire fate. Tell them, Darkseid is coming for them all!

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