Sunday, January 31, 2010

Save the Global Guardians

Mera had followed after her husband, and used her hard water powers to secure the Legion of Doom and help as many Guardians as she could reach. The Little Mermaid held the battered Godiva and Owlwoman's heads above water. Seraph struggled to do the same for himself and Bushmaster, while Jack O'Lantern lifted Thunderlord to safety. In moments, all of the Guardians were securely above the salty water, held by a school of dolphins, finny friends of the Sea King.

As for Aquaman himself, he was in hot pursuit of Black Manta, the murderer of his son who had yet to face justice. Down they went, to depths nearly beyond Manta's ability to tolerate. The killer was so close now, Aquaman's heart and mind raced at the thought of what he would do now that the moment of truth had arrived.

Suddenly, Aquaman found his leg caught in the powerful grip of Solomon Grundy.  Even at this nigh-unfathomable level, the reek of the living corpse's lifeless exhalations burned the Sea King's eyes. With his remaining leg and steel-like arm muscles, Aquaman dragged Grundy like an anchor after him, struggling to reach Manta as Grundy fought to bring his remaining arm to bear against Arthur. It was in the midst of this tug-of-war that a killer whale found its way to the pair, and swallowed all of Grundy but his tractor arm with one gulp. Distracted by this unwelcome intrusion, Grundy was unable to maintain his grip, just as Aquaman had planned. "Solomon? Reminds me more of Jonah."

The sovereign swimmer headed toward to an undersea cave, from which an odd luminescence emanated. What was this, Aquaman wondered. Black Manta, now well ahead of his pursuer, crossed the threshold first. In a flash, he was gone, leaving Aquaman to struggle through a mix of anguish and a sad relief. What would this aquatic hero have done to Manta, after all? What lines would he have been willing to cross?

Where did Manta go? What was the Legion of Doom after? What will become of Aquaman and the Global Guardians? These questions and more can only be answered as you continue through the DC Challenge at these exciting blogs! Look for the Sovereign of the Seven Seas to return in coming weeks as part of the next DC Challenge release wave!

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