Monday, January 25, 2010

Dr. Fate


Inza Nelson sat on an antique couch, working
a personalized other-dimensional crossword puzzle, within her invisible tower home in Salem, Massachusetts. Many wives find themselves "widowed" by their husbands' obsessions with sports, gambling or what have you. You could say Inza was a sorcery widow, as the unnaturally youthful woman had been since meeting her husband-to-be in the 1940s. It was then that Kent Nelson began his career as the crusading mage Doctor Fate, serving the cause of Order alone, and later as a member of the Justice Society of America. In the years since, Kent has become withdrawn from humanity and increasingly isolated in his studies, leaving poor Inza to her own devices.

Or not. Dr. Fate strode into the room, his features almost entirely obscured by his mantle of power, the gleaming Helm of Nabu. "Take cover," he demanded, "I'm expecting uninvited guests." Just then, otherworldly luminescence filled the room, followed by the material forms of three strangers.

The first looked like a derelict, with his unshaven face and long, unkempt black hair, streaked with crimson. He scowled, "I remember you two, even if you were withered old prunes when we met." This menacing fellow, with a red ankh tattooed over his right eye, drew a golden blade on Dr. Fate. "I took that helmet of yours, and turned it into something useful. I was supposed to be the balance between Order and Chaos, but everything turned rotten, and I'll end up with my own blade stuck between my ribs."

The second figure looked exactly like Dr. Fate, but his tone was less haughty. "We took on your duties, and it will destroy us, body and soul. They warned us. We will stop you from cursing us."

The third figure was also strikingly similar to Kent, but less poised, and with a costume bearing an ancient Egyptian motif. "I am Hawkman's son. Why couldn't I just defend the skies? Why did magic rot away my life, killing me, taking my lover's mind and my son's soul? Why couldn't you do your own job?"

If Dr. Fate found any of this disturbing, he showed no sign of it. "I can sense the touch of Nabu in each of you, but you are not in a time of your own, and you each forget your place. Not a single one of you will carry the weight of my responsibilities for a fraction of my length of servitude. One day, you may each claim my place as Fate, but for now, begone." With that, Dr. Fate magically dismissed these future inheritors of his mantle, seemingly with all the effort of an afterthought.

Inza rushed toward the being who was both her husband, and something else entirely. She wondered who these Fates were, and what their appearance meant. "They were representatives of a possible future, manipulated into adulterating our present, and they are not alone. All across the Earth, these agents of a grim tomorrow haunt other superhumans. They do not belong, and I will see to their removal."

With that, Dr. Fate exited his tower, leaving Inza to fret and displaced super-heroes to dread his pursuit.

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