Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Chose To Surrender Yourselves to the Injustice Gang

“Sometimes, Tina, we must make difficult choices.  That’s why I’m the leader of the Metal Men.”  Gold turned to Captain Boomerang.  “All right, Boomerang.  We will go with you, if it means sparing the lives of these children.”  The children gasped.  They whispered amongst themselves.  Mrs. Winters said nothing.

Captain Boomerang met the noble metal’s gaze and the looked at the children.  “Right, then.  You’ve chosen wisely.”  He reached out and grabbed Platinum by the waist.  She looked mournfully back at Gold, who shot her his best I-know-what-I’m-doing-don’t-complain-and-go-along-with-it look.  If only Doc was here, then she’d probably listen without protest.  Platinum looked down at the floor as if considering her options.

Gold looked at each of his comrades.  “Let’s go, Metal Men.”

“Y-y-yes sir, Gold!” Tin said, and stepped into line first.  The rest of them, even Tina, followed suit.  It was this unwavering loyalty to each other that characterized the Metal Men as a team.

Gold led them through the doorway and out into the corridor.  Captain Boomerang and the rest of the Injustice Gang followed.  As they walked along the sunlight corridor, Gold noticed Captain Boomerang concealed a small object in his right hand.  As Captain Boomerang maneuvered Platinum alongside him, his hand opened just enough so that Gold caught a glimpse of its structure.  Gold searched his memory banks trying to place the object, but came up with nothing.  Perhaps he could pump Boomerang for information as they went along.

Floronic Man then stopped in his tracks.  “What are we waiting for?” he asked Captain Boomerang.  “Let’s take care of it now.”

A dark expression clouded Captain Boomerang’s face.  “Right,” he said.  “Kadabra?” he said, turning towards the magician.

“Wait,” Gold said, “what do you want with us?”

“Your soul, Metal Man,” I.Q. said, “I believe your inventor calls it a responsometer.”

“What do you need a responsometer for?” Mercury asked, arms crossed.

“Like we’d tell you,” Boomerang said.  “Go ahead, Kadabra.  Start with the little weak one.  I bet he’ll be easiest to crack.”  He looked down at Tin.

Tin looked up at his noble leader.  “G-g-g-gold?”

“Don’t worry, Tin, I’ll think of something,” Gold addressed the diminutive robot.  But before he barely had a chance to finish his sentence the air crackled with energy from Abra Kadabra’s spell and Tin lay on the ground, lifeless.

“No!” Platinum shouted.  “Gold, what are you waiting for?”


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