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Direct Currents: April 2011

John Constantine To Return To The DC Universe

I don’t know where. I don’t know when. I don’t know how.


The Absorbascon
DCU Travel Posters: Atlantis
DCU Travel Posters: Ivytown
Middletown Travel Poster

Amazon Princess
Donna Troy by Bubba Shelby
Chrissie Zullo

The Aquaman Shrine
Super BB - 1978
Superheroes Margarine Ad - 1978
Roxanna Meta is AquaLass!
Scion is Mera!
The Justice League by Bob Strang
"Strength In Numbers" - 1996
Justice League Puzzle - 1988

Atomic Surgery
Prisoners of Gravity (1993): The Sandman Interviews
Happy Birthday To the Periodic Table

Being Carter Hall
Read: Hawkman v.3:no.4
Read: Hawkman v.4:no.19
Read: Flash Comics #19

Comics Make Me Happy!
Martian Manhunter redesign by Joel Ojeda
Never pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Batman...
The Crocheted Manhunter
It's takes a little guts....

Michael Lynch corners GREEN LANTERN
Calamity Jon Morris corners SUPERMAN

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
2011 Custom Life Size Wonder Woman Statue
JLA/WildC.A.T.S. "Crime Machine" (1997)
Justice League of America #0 (September, 2006)
Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics #1 (January, 1942)

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
"The Man with an Inbuilt Panic Button" from Atom and Hawkman #40 (September 1968)
Black Lightning in "The Last Hideout" (from World's Finest #259, July 1979)
Remember When...Hawkman's History Could Be Summarized in Four Pages? (World's Finest #261, November 1979)

Every Day Is Like Wednesday
Suicide Squad, starring Ronald Reagan
Is this every Zook and Cryll shared appearance from the past ten years...?
March 23-30

Firestorm Fan
Firestorm commission by Kevin Maguire
Firestorm Fan Returns – April Fool’s Hijinks!
Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver – Possible Future Cover?
Project Rooftop Firestorm by Stefan Grambart
Jim Lee redesign of Firestorm costume from 2003

Girls Gone Geek
Sartorial Smallville: A Critique
Friday Favorite: Damian

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
O’Neil & Netzer Announced for RETRO-ACTIVE 1970s Martian Manhunter!
Manhunter from Mars Annual #12 (1995)
"1967 Manhunter from Mars Movie Monty Moran Promotional Still"
"1967 Manhunter from Mars Movie Mister V Promotional Still"

Jim Shooter
Mort Weisinger, mean as a snake at his nicest...
I Aimed to be Better Than the Worst
Growing up with The Legion of Super Heroes
Secret Marvels/Marvel's Secret
A Leap of Fate


Justice League Detroit
2010 Vixen by mic?
2010 C2E2 The Vixen Convention Commission by Eric Canete
2009 Morbidly Obese Vixen Commission by Derrick Fish
2007 San Diego Comic-Con The Vixen & Captain Atom Cosplay

Kevin Nowlan

Once Upon A Geek
My New Blog… B’wana Beast’s Blog

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine
Blackhawk #47, 1951

Power of the Atom
2005 Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Absolute Edition cover by George Pérez

Silver Age Comics
Mystery In Space #81: Another Viewpoint
Atom #7
Is Barry Allen A Pervert?
How Old Is Superman?

Subject : THE SUICIDE SQUAD (Task Force X)
I believe in miracles . . Amanda Waller, you sexy thang
Killings my business & business is good
Amanda Waller by returning Portuguese artist Aliera
Pimp Daddy Darkseid
Proper disposal of a pedophile 101 with Catman & Deadshot

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Supergirl #62
Original Supergirl #62 Cover? Editted
Supergirl Shrine
Review: Legion Of Super-Villains One Shot
Review: Legion Of Super-Heroes #11
George Perez Hero Initiative Justice League #50 Cover

Weekend Review Section 12/31/10

Wednesday Is Any Day For All I Care by Professor Frank Diabolu

Comic shop comics by J. Caleb Mozzocco

Comics Of The Weak by Tucker Stone

The Buy Pile by Hannibal Tabu:

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