Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Direct Currents: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

R.I.P. John Severin, Comics Art Master Of Western, War And Humor

Scott McDaniel Speaks Out On The 'Static Shock' Creative Meltdown

DC Comics Solicitations for May, 2012

New Animated Covers By Kerry Callen [Art]

Sean Anderson Crystalizes the Appeal of Your Favorite Comic Heroes [Art]

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 02.06.12

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 02.13.12

Awesome Art Picks: Supergirl, Spider-Man, Nightwing and More

Awesome Art Picks: Jean Grey, Batman, Captain America and More

Awesome Art Picks: Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man and More

Best Art Ever (This Week) - 02.10.12


The Aquaman Shrine
Top 10 Most Memorable Mera Moments
Aquaman and Mera Cosplay @ Wizard World New Orleans
AquaSketch by Rod Reis
Memories of Mera: Paul Kupperberg
Aquaman Art Gallery: Mike Allred
Aquaman Art Gallery: Luke Batt
Aqua-Family Character Designs by Ivan Reis

Brian Bolland's Blog
The Joker Who's Who from about 1990
Work in progress: Dial H #2.
Detail of the day: Invisibles cover
Detail of the day: Strange Adventures

Task Force Elite

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
JLA 100 Project Donna Troy charity art gallery
1995 DC Comics Wonder Woman Book "Dump"

Diversions of the Groovy Kind
Batman in "Bat-Murderer!" from Detective Comics #444
El Diablo in "The Fury of the Haunted Horseman" from Weird Western Tales #19 (June 1973)

El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker Presents:
Reading Crisis on Infinite Earths

Part 9: War Zone
Part 10: Death At The Dawn Of Time!
Part 11: Aftershock
Part 12: Final Crisis

Firestorm Fan
Custom Mego Firestorm Action Figure Box
Classic Firestorm by Yildiray Cinar
Multiplex in Who’s Who – 1986

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
Legion Lost #5 (March, 2012)
Superboy #200 (January-February, 1974)
2011 Yashuntafun Miss Martian "Casual Outfit" Cosplay Gallery
Women in Refrigerators, 13 Years Later
2011 "J'onn J'onesin" art by Ryan Bullard

Kevin Nowlan
Six Metamorpho covers
Superman & Batman commission
Batman Manhunter cover art

Power of the Atom
Justice League America #64 (July, 1992)

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Review: Action Comics #6
Review: Action Comics #6 Back-Up
Review: Hawk And Dove #6
Review: Superboy #6
Review: Legion Lost #60

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