Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Internal Correspondence Special #4: DC Comics 1992

During the '90s boom years, distributors were so competitive to move units that they would produce yearly catalogs of proposed series for retailers to begin the hype cycle early. DC Comics 92 Internal Correspondence was printed by Capitol City Distribution, with a Batman Returns comic image (Steve Erwin?) on the inside front cover facing a letter from DC Retailer Services director Bob Wayne bracing buyers for a sequel to the Batmania of 1989 (a.k.a. catching lightning in the same county as a bottle.) Shadow of the Batman had a healthy life for the better part of a decade, but specials like Penguin Triumphant littered the dollar bins for years. That's the sort of thing easily gleaned from perusals of period magazines and online resources, though. While the time capsule aspect of a publisher's yearly schedule is an amusing bit of nostalgia, what I really dig about this sort of uncommon publication is the treasure trove of little seen artwork, creative shake-ups and aborted projects. I deeply regret giving away the 1994ish edition I used to have, but I scored a couple of volumes at Comicpalooza 2012, and will offer scans/commentary...

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