Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 DCU Movie Fan Casting: Vincent Kartheiser as Captain Comet

I'm quite fond of Adam Blake, but as with the Justice Society of America, Captain Comet is a concept that works best within the context of a specific point in history. He was the most evolved man as envisioned by the 1950s-- super intelligent telepathic/telekinetic spacefarer. Starlords are a dime a dozen in comics, but the tinny atomic age spaceman flavor of Captain Comet set him apart. Guys like Adam Blake were in, but those special powers that set him apart did not secure him sales. He was fading out as super-heroes were strolling in, and even if those powers gave him entry into the long underwear set as a 1970s revival, his roots in mid-century sci-fi simultaneously distanced him. In a world with Superman and Luke Skywalker, what place is there for Adam Blake?

It reminds me of poor Pete Campbell, who having taken on the American James Bond and failing miserably, had to make due with being as Pete Campbell as he could be. However, Vincent Kartheiser is not Pete, even if typecasting might begin telling us otherwise. Kartheiser seems like a rather cool, humble, intelligent guy, as far from Pete as game goofball Jon Hamm is from the vicious, petty, manipulative Don Draper. I wanted an atypical actor for the role of Adam Blake-- someone who could stand out more for his mental prowess and a unique aura than his time in the gym. Evoking the McCarthy era through ongoing if indirect association wouldn't hurt. Kartheiser is a handsome guy when not playing up his dorkiness, but even his receding hairline evokes Blake's original looks and abilities. In a world where Henry Cavill is our Superman, I think a lot of us would rather cleave Captain Comet to our nerdy, doughy breast.

Regardless, you know Ken Cosgrove is just going to come riding in on a Zeta Beam with his jetpack and raygun to steal the show.

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LissBirds said...

I don't think I've ever seen this guy in anything. I don't know--he seems kind of young? (Or maybe I'm just getting old.) I always thought of Captain Comet as a middle-aged superhero, like Adam Strange and other 50's superheroes. Somehow, to me, superintelligence goes better with an older character, otherwise it's less "thinking man" and more "smart-ass." (Unless that's what you're going for.)

Ken Cosgrove as Adam Strange? This could go places...

Diabolu Frank said...

Liss, if you know who Ken Cosgrove is, then surely you know Pete Campbell. If you just ran an image search on Ken Cosgrove, the actor is actually named Aaron Staton, and even though I only made the connection through Mad Men, he would make a fine Adam Strange. Funnily enough, in the show, Cosgrove moonlights as a sci-fi writer. Kartheiser is 34, by the way, but he has tended to play older lately.

Unknown said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah No!!!! Does not have the look at all, maybe go with a Jensen Ackles or Mike Vogel...... Honestley they would screw up this character anyways, he`s complicated! Comet is an amazing hero, my favorite in the DC Universe. Lets see
Nightcrawlers: Teleportation
Proffessor X: Telepath,
Mind Control
Casnddra Webs: Clairvoyance
Jean Greys: Telekinesis force fields and psionic blast
Magnetos: Matter Alteration
Batmans: Genious IQ
Eidetic Memory
Expert in hand to hand combat
As well as Vibro sense`s, super strength and stamina

Unknown said...

Actually, I see Vince as Mister Miracle.