Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DC Bloodlines Podcast #1: The Top 10 Bloodlines Characters

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Super Blog Team-Up #6 seemed like a perfectly fine event to premiere the upconverted DC Bloodlines in its second life as a podcast! Once again, we take the blog's title entirely too seriously and actually discuss (shudder) New Bloods and Bloodlines Parasites from the 1993 DC Comics Annuals theme event! Oh, and before you all comment, I screwed up with the Levelator and didn't save the audio tracks like a good little podcaster, so the background songs are way more foregrounded than they ought to be. I'll watch that next time...
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The Irredeemable Shag said...

Really enjoyed this walk down memory lane. I recall despising Bloodlines during it's publication, but there were a few characters I enjoyed. You already named two of my three: Argus, Geist, and Gunfire. I think I may have liked Mongrel too, but can't promise that. In my memory, one of the most obnoxious ideas was Razorsharp and the Psyba-Rats. Ugh! Loved the episode. Looking forward to more frankly-bizarre topics!

Grant Richter said...

I'm not a huge DC fan myself but when Marvel became a caricature of itself in the early 90s DC became my refuge as well. I also jumped into the death and rebirth of Superman with the Reign of the Supermen. Steel and the Cyborg Superman were the most interesting to me, with the Eradicator I assume being a commentary on the extreme vigilante trend of the time. Bloodlines was really a mixed bag for me. I never read Hitman but some cross over issues he did in other titles were funny, especially when he applied to be a member of the JLA. I liked Geist mostly for the visual. Too many of the characters had the Image name template of something+something (Night-blade, Shadow-strike).