Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Layla

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Still not guaranteeing this show as a weekly, but since I have a bunch of Bloodlines already about wrapped and no time to work on any other Rolled Spine Podcasts, you get this episode less than a week after the last (a huge improvement on the previous "annual" schedule.) The coverage of the 1993 event begins in earnest with Lobo Annual #1, featuring the debut of Layla, the tougher than nails L.E.G.I.O.N. agent with 'tude to spare! Not only can you follow along with most of her origin story via Scans Daily, but also her key appearance in Lobo's Big Babe Spring Break Special. Frank didn't find the latter until locking down this episode, and it both completely contradicted a chunk of your host's assessment of Layla's career and reaffirmed that the character's brief history is probably too toxic for to be of much concern anyway.

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1 comment:

Paul Hicks said...

I get the impression Layla would be much more at home in the 2000AD universe, but that's probably my subconscious reacting to Alan Grant's involvement.

Good art, lots of set up, eh story, wasted character, next!