Saturday, September 24, 2016

2015 Ice Amazing Houston Comic Con Jam Sketch by Karl Altstaetter

Tora Olafsdotter isn't even my favorite super-heroine named Ice Maiden, but she was a vital member of Justice League International and key foil for Guy Gardner and her frequent partner in anti-crime, Beatriz da Costa. I didn't intend for Fire & Ice to be scuttled off to the side as busts while The Blue & Gold got full figures, but that was before the cost and space of trying to include the entire JLI in a jam caught up with me. I decided to keep them on one art board and only include the core JLI members, so here we are. At least Ice got a known comic creator in Karl Altstaetter, of such girl-powered books as Deity, Saint Angel, Lady Pendragon and Vampirella. He's probably best remember for his stint at Extreme Studios on Bloodstrike and other Youngblood related titles. I tend to associate him with Q-Unit, which was heavily promoted with some sort of layered techno trading card deal, but got caught in the speculator bust and only released one issue. I was a dealer back then, so that kind of thing sticks with you. Anyway, I think Altstaetter captured Tora nicely, and the duo combined for a fine showing on the total page.

Karl Altstaetter

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