Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The DC Bloodlines Podcast: Milestone Worlds Collide

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Julia Raul returns to join Diabolu Frank for the finale of our JLMay 2023 / Milestone Media trilogy of episodes. Since the previous shows tended toward paired character spotlights, we have to take a kitchen sink approach now, looking at the first year-plus of the series Blood Syndicate & Icon and the earliest Shadow Cabinet, including its launch event "Shadow War." We also return to Hardware and Static through to the intracompany event "Worlds Collide," restoring our theme and mandate by mingling in with DC's Superman Family of titles (well, the creative teams that aren't afraid to drive through the dark side of town, anyway.) Along the way, we talk Vixen, Black Canary, Green Lantern John Stewart, Steel, and more. In case you missed it, these episodes have covered every story from the trade paperback The Brave and the Bold: Milestone, which means it's time to visit the early issues of Xombi, including David Kim's team-up with the Crispus Allen incarnation of The Spectre from The Brave and the Bold #25 in the story "Annihilating Angel" by John Rozum & Scott Hampton.

JLMay 2023 will cover the third volume of DC Comics' The Brave and the Bold (2007-2010), which ran 35 issues. There's only 31 days in the month, so we'll run a list of all the issues with links to the podcasts intent on covering them until the actual shows turn up, individual or in groups...

  1. Batman & Green Lantern on The Overlooked Dark Knight ep 76
  2. Green Lantern & Supergirl on Dial F For Flanger ep 19
  3. Batman & Blue Beetle on The Bat-Pod ep # 111
  4. Supergirl & Lobo on L.E.G.I.O.N.P.O.D.Cast Episode 141
  5. Batman & the Legion of Super Heroes on Tales of the Legion Project
  6. Green Lantern & Batman on The Newsprint Commando
  7. Wonder Woman & Power Girl on The Wright On Network Presents
  8. The Flash & Doom Patrol on Fanholes Podcast ep 105
  9. Star-Studded Spectacular on The JusticeTrek JT0008
  10. Superman/Silent Knight & Aquaman/Teen Titans! on Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 143
  11. Superman & Ultraman @ Fortress of Baileytude
  12. Everybody on Longbox Crusade - Episode 038
  13. Batman & Jay Garrick on Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast ep 175
  14. Deadman & Green Arrow on The Coffee & Comics Podcast ep. 84
  15. Nightwing & Hawkman on Married With Comics
  16. Superman & Catwoman on Superman in Crisis
  17. Supergirl & Raven on Dial F For Flanger ep 20
  18. Raven & Supergirl on Dial F For Flanger ep 20
  19. Green Lantern & Phantom Stranger on The LanternCast #516
  20. Green Lantern & Phantom Stranger on The LanternCast #516
  21. Green Lantern & Green Arrow on The Podcast of Oa Episode 224
  22. Green Lantern & Green Arrow on The Podcast of Oa Episode 224
  23. Booster Gold & Magog on Justice League International: Bwah-Ha-Ha Podcast ep 53
  24. Black Lightning & Static on DC Bloodlines ep 18
  25. Hardware & Blue Beetle on DC Bloodlines ep 19
  26. Xombi & The Spectre @ DC Bloodlines
  27. Batman & Dial H For Hero on The Bat-Pod ep # 113
  28. Blackhawk & The Flash on Weird Warriors Podcast Ep. 48
  29. Batman & Brother Power The Geek on The Brave and the Bob!
  30. Green Lantern & Doctor Fate on Once Upon A Geek 11
  31. The Joker and The Atom on The Head Speaks Episode 70
  32. Aquaman & The Demon on The Fire and Water Podcast ep. 254
  33. Wonder Woman, Zatanna, & Batgirl on The Wright On Network Presents
  34. The Doom Patrol & Legion of Super-Heroes on Waiting for Doom Podcast Episode 184
  35. The Inferior Five & Legion of Substitute Heroes on Waiting for Doom Podcast Episode 184
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