Saturday, November 27, 2010

1991-92 Impel DC Cosmic Cards #60- John Stewart

I really need to get John Stewart a headshot for this blog. I'm a fan of the character, specifically Gerard Jones' take from Mosaic, but the guy's always been the coolest, most competent Green Lantern (Xanshi excluded.) I've never been a Joe Staton fan, but even he can't bring Stewart down.

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mathematicscore said...

Yeah, tons of love for this guy. Kyle's such a nice guy, Guy is so much fun, and Hal get's by (barely) on being a classic, but man, John is just cool. (I don't know how to do italics on here, or else "cool" would be in italics.)

Diabolu Frank said...

i and /i in the pointy brackets on either side of what you want italicized.

Tom Hartley said...

Although he's my second favorite John Stewart, after the one on TV, he's a very close second.

Dear Guardians of Oa, please give a Green Lantern ring to the host of The Daily Show.