Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1993 Mayfair Games DC Heroes Role-Playing Game Third Edition The Man of Steel Entry

The Mayfair system was awesome for super-hero action gaming, but they jumped the gun on Steel's stats, seeing as he was so new that they were still working with very temporary aliases ("Henry Johnson," "The Man of Steel.") His Intelligence of 7 is too low, equated to Aquaman and Nightwing where he later proved himself at least a tier (if not two) higher. Sub-Olympic Dexterity is okay, but his Strength is insanely high, especially since his Body of 6 clearly doesn't take his (admittedly flimsy) armor into account. All of his bottom stats are completely outrageous as well. Still, it's a nice picture, and I'm pleased John got the attention so early in his career.

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