Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 “JLA Jan. - Plastic Man - 204” art by Robert Q. Atkins

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"Like I was saying with Captain Marvel from the other day, DC Comic's superheroes come in all forms, and no one more literally than Plastic Man! My earliest memory of Plastic Man was an old VHS tape with a few cartoon episodes on it. It was a show that ran for a couple years from 1979-1981 called "The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show!" This show was awesomely ridiculous. Just the tone of the show and the fact that he had a polynesian sidekick named Hula-Hula, it all made the show lived up to it's name.

In the comics I haven't read much with him in it. But one of the most memorable JLA issues I read from the Joe Kelly/ Doug Mahnke run on the book was a team up with Plastic Man and Batman. It was a great example of the range of characters in the JLA. Over all I really liked how Joe Kelly wrote the character in his run, he seemed to nail the humor just right."

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