Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #1 (July, 2013)

Young Prince Mohammed Qahtanii wanted the opportunity to show his father that he could make big money and prove himself a better successor than his cousin, but do it on his own terms. Lying to his brawny bodyguard Abisha and acting against his father's will, "Mo" attended an illegal "Poxpo" (Pop-Up Expo) in New York City. Thrown together discretely and on short notice like a rave, poxpos allowed inventors to show off their wildest creations to the Green Team, filthy rich teenagers looking to improve the world with their fortunes. Mo was greeted by Lucia Lynn Houston, betraying an awkward but mutual attraction between the new acquaintances. L.L. brought Mo to her brother J. P. Houston and event mastermind Commodore Murphy, whose actress girlfriend Cecilia Sunbeam was in tow. Commodore had turned down a bid from Mo's father to buy his development firm, and Commodore had unsuccessfully tried to get the old man to visit a poxpo and consider investing in the good of the planet.

Mo was in over his head, unable to keep up with either Commodore or his own father. Worse, Mo had been uploading pictures with the Green Team hashtag to social media. J.P. noted the security breach, as Commodore explained that their self-promotional activities were restricted to uploads performed after the Green Team left an undisclosed location, whereas Mo had lit a "giant frigging arrow" for any of the many nutcases that had it in for his friends. Sure enough, the self-replicating class warrior super-villain Riot made the scene, punching Commodore and shoving a gun in people's faces.

Against the protests of J.P., Commodore had been working his way toward turning the Green Team into actual super-heroes. Abisha stepped in to defend the Prince against Riot, and the detraction allowed Commodore to activate discs purchased from a "sketchy" source that provided him with a suit of power armor. Unfortunately, he wasn't at all well versed in how to use it. Meanwhile, Mo commandeered a laser on display that could be directed by a smart phone to retaliate, but Riot was already taking hostages...

"Riot Act" was by Art Baltazar & Franco and Ig Guara & J. P. Mayer.

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