Friday, June 10, 2011

Who's Dat: Doctor Skuba

Real Name: Sandor Skuba
Occupation: Rogue Scientist
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Seaweed (daughter,) Apollo (son-in-law)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Secret lair
Height/Build: Approximately 5'10" with slight build
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
First Appearance: OMAC #7 (September-October, 1975)

Sandor Skuba was a genius "lone wolf" atomic researcher. As noted by the infallible Brother Eye intelligent satellite, "Skuba has mastered the atom. He can literally manipulate the form of matter." Among his accomplishments was the ability to reform human life to the shape of his wishes, developing beings of "manipulated, unstable atoms," such as his aesthetically superior daughter and son-in-law. Later, Skuba devised a means of compressing millions of tons of water into a foot long rectangular "bar," then neutralize the weight so that it could be carried and stored with relative ease. Aided by his daughter and son-in-law, Doctor Skuba began stealing The World To Come's natural bodies of water, in a bid for global influence.

OMAC was sent to investigate Doctor Skuba, and with the direction of Brother Eye, located his hidden base within a large volcanic rock island. OMAC was remotely observed by Doctor Skuba, who determined his allegiance to the Global Peace Agency, and recognized OMAC as having benefited from the same matter manipulation process as his children. Using a specialized weapon, Skuba was able to revert OMAC back to his original form of Buddy Blank, leaving him powerless. Skuba then focused his attentions on locating and combating Brother Eye. In the conflict that followed, Brother Eye was imprisoned in slag metal by Doctor Skuba's equipment, which was explosively demolished by the strain. Skuba's entire island was destroyed, and presumably the doctor with it.

Doctor Skuba was responsible for a slew of inventions, including the Weight Neutralizer, Neutro-Gloves, small bars into which the atoms of entire oceans could be compressed, a flying ship capable of carrying enormous weight, dematerializing rays, and a mountain headquarters with formidable automated defenses.

"You can be made into a powerful instrument for what I detest most! --The law and order of lesser men!"

Created by: Jack Kirby

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