Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Bullet Points on DC Solicits for October

    Dark sub-line
  • Demon Knights #2: "Demon Etrigan and his unlikely lover, Madame Xanadu" is an image that makes me want to take a scouring pad to my brain. Wouldn't the fins tickle her thighs?
  • I still think I, Vampire looks and sounds pretty good. I'm not into the Twilight scene, but it seems to do a nice job tapping that audience without trampling on a hallowed property.
  • I don't really understand Resurrection Man. It looks like the series cancelled a decade ago by most of the same creative team. Einstein would have something to say about that.
  • Frankenstein, Swamp Thing, The Shade & Animal Man also look to be headed in the right direction. Aside from the dumb JLDark idea, it's like Vertigo with a better budget.
  • Edge group
  •  I was really considering Blackhawks, but the G.I. Joe Fractal Tech Gear armor has demolished any interest I had. Suddenly, Men of War looks kind of hot, though.
  • I want to be interested in O.M.A.C., but between the writer and the umpteenth dour twist on Kirby's positive globalist hero, I can't get there.
  • Voodoo looks great, but the claw hand and newish mileu push me away. Grifter sounds kinda cool, though. Stormwatch also works. Maybe old Wildstorm properties have the advantage of 90s-centricity.
  • On a three man Suicide Squad with two cult favorites and King Shark, we kind of know who is going to die. This is like that issue of Doom Force where the sacrificial lamb might as well have a caption arrow pointing out his fate.
  • There are just too many badasses like Deathstroke in the DCnU. I feel like I have to choose between Cinderella, Ratt, and L.A. Guns. It alters the criteria. In the land of the pointy and full-face masked, Mazing Man is king.
  • The Green Lantern Books: Steady on. The Big Guns
  • Jim Lee's cover to Justice League #2 is terrible, and the team seems like such a sausage factory. I see Superman fighting Green Lantern and Batman, which reminds me that I hate all three characters more often than not. I feel really good about blowing this off. JLI about as lame as the last time Jurgens wrote it.
  • Most of the rest of these titles seem woefully misguided. I still feel a bit of a pull toward Mr. Terrific, but Eric Wallace's recent efforts help fight that off. The Savage Hawkman looks especially terrible, and did anyone need a Blue Beetle reboot? Hawk and Dove has the second coming of friggin' Kestrel, and Teen Titans' new member Bugg is like Color Me Badd, it's so ggggod-awful.

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