Friday, July 22, 2011

OMAC #4 (March-April, 1975)

OMAC needed to lift “70 tons of death-dealing steel,” a tall enough order to require the help of Brother Eye. The power was granted through a beam to OMAC’s belt, which conducted throughout his body. When Marshal Kafka released a bomb, OMAC flipped the mobile bunker on its back to provide himself cover from the blast. “No matter what happens, I’m taking you in!!! Do you hear that? You’ll pay for your crimes!” OMAC survived the detonation and an ensuing rockslide, but he had expended fantastic amounts of energy in the process. OMAC still managed to rip a hatch off the bunker and arrest Kafka.

Gone were the lawmen of old, replaced by the “quiet, faceless men known as Peace Agents,” to whom OMAC turned over Marshal Kirovan Kafka for the “Super-Court.” Held at a remote mountain headquarters at “the top of the world,” the Global Peace Agency yet feared Kafka’s biologically engineered avenger, which had already been loosed. A report came in from Peace Agent 5 that the purple, multi-limbed abomination was headed their way. OMAC outranked every agent present, so even though there was great fear that their most precious asset might be lost in battle, no one could order OMAC not to confront the avenger.

OMAC flew in a one-man jet toward the “Multi-Killer,” which he could not determine as being “Animal, mineral, or vegetable? It could be all three!!” Moving like a flying octopus, conventional rounds could not pierce its armored purple hide. The Multi-Killer emitted sonic waves that shook OMAC’s plane to pieces. “Brother Eye! My fate is in your hands!” The satellite had command of OMAC’s every atom, and made him light as a bird to survive the impact of his fall onto a snowy mountain. OMAC evaded shooting flames, but was nearly crushed by a dislodged mountain peak, but for Brother Eye enabling his astonishing leap to safety. A second bound put OMAC atop the avenger, where he deduced that it “eats matter and spits energy” and that “Its eyes are cyclotrons… reaching critical mass… This animal can fission like a hydrogen bomb!!” OMAC broke a horn off the creature, which through means that make not one lick of sense and without even an attempt at offering an explanation, the avenger streaked off to explode in space. Maybe it had something to do with air jets on the Court of Justice that allowed OMAC a soft landing? The best defense is a good table hockey board?

“The Busting of a Conqueror” was by Jack Kirby with D. Bruce Berry.

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