Monday, April 23, 2012

2011 "Ladies of DC - Power Girl" by Taylor Cordingley

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"They're fun, they're sassy and they all seem to have a mean right hook. For years, DC Comics has consistently created amazing female superheroes. I'd like to pay tribute to these amazing women of the DC Universe with one of my patented pin-up series -- Ladies of DC! Third in this series is the precarious Power Girl!

Real Name: Kara Zor-L
Other Notable Aliases: Karen Starr, Nightwing
First Appearance: All-Star Comics #58
Abilities: Super strength, speed and stamina, enhanced vision (x-ray, heat), hearing and breath ('hurricane-y', ice), invulernability and flight

Power Girl was never a character on my radar. She only made occasional guest appearances and she was largely a D-list character who ended up at the JSA. But somehow that all changed. DC Comics worked out her origins, through her into the spotlight of one of their annual "let's shake the DCU up" events and gave her her very own on-going series. It was a series on my must-read list for such a long time and I'm glad to say I finally got around to reading it. Her book is an absolute joy to read -- it's witty, has gorgeous art and has a very well-fleshed out heroine. I've come to greatly appreciate the character and can't wait to see how she continues to develop. Although there is something that I noticed -- has anyone else had the strange feeling of déjà vu with the book at times? I feel like it's very similar to Ms. Marvel's ongoing series that she had a couple years back. Mind you, Ms. Marvel's raison-d'être was to become the best heroine possible after her battle with alcoholism and Power Girl's is -- um -- punch things really hard and make a difference doing it. ^^; Jokes, jokes. Oh, and can she make up with Oracle already? WHY is she still holding a grudge?!"

Ladies of DC: Bringing Out The Girls

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Omega Agent1 said...

Great job Taylor, I took a look at every one of your illustrations. Enjoyed the write up too.