Sunday, April 8, 2012

Direct Currents: Easter Weekend, 2012

Images of Canceled 'Justice League' Movie Tie-In Game Surface

'Doctor Who' Crosses Over with Marvel and DC Thanks to Jordan Gibson [Art]

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) - 04.02.12

Awesome Art Picks: Batwoman, Doctor Doom, Batman and More

Awesome Art Picks: Wonder Woman, Red Robin, Spider-Man and More

Best Art Ever (This Week) - 03.30.12

Best Art Ever (This Week) - 04.06.12


The Aquaman Shrine
Aquaman Art Gallery: Craig Bostick
DC Superheroes Cake
The Fire and Water Podcast: Episode 16
Dax N' Aquaman
Aquaman Stock Art by Tom Grummett
DC Challenge Ad - 1986

The BLOG from the BOG ...SWAMP THING
Berni Wrightson - I love you..
Swamp Thing vs. Zombies?
Weird Cover of the Week #3: Steve Bissette rough
WEIRD Cover of the Week #6: Challengers of the Unknown
AC loves DC - weird cover of the week #9
Batman and Swamp Thing - BFF?
Weeerd Cover of the Week #12: Paul Gulacy
"Swamp Thing/Return" Criterion Double Disc Set

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
2011 “Goddess vs. Amazon” Artemis art by Michael “mic?” Magtanong

Firestorm Fan
Kevin Smith Mocks Firestorm on Comic Book Men
Firestorm by Luke Daab

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
2011 “Miss Martian 2099” art by Manuel Aguilera
2008 “One Year Later” Jeff Johnson-Jim Smash-Up
2012 New 52 Wave 3 Martian Manhunter #1!

Justice League Detroit
2011 “The Lady Fox & The Ghost Who Walks” by Michael “mic?” Magtanong

Power of the Atom
1967 The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure: The Atom Segment Intro

The Quality Companion Companion
Quality Comics Hero Profiles
Blackhawk: The Movie Serial (1952)

Ralph Dibny, the World-Famous Elongated Man
The Elongated Man rocks MAD!!

Silver Age Comics
Falling In Love #13
Showcase #82: DC Beats Marvel to Sword and Sorcery
Showcase #83: Here Comes Bernie
Superman #173
The Brave and the Bold #54

Subject : THE SUICIDE SQUAD (Task Force X)
Gatefold Suicide Squad relauch fan art by Corey Breen
Suicide Squad #7 review: Try not too loose your head hunting for Harley
Deadshot takes out Bullseye in the arena of DC vs Marvel

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Ming Doyle Commission And Womanthology Signing
Lauren Faust's Character Designs For SBFFs
Review: Superman #7

The Thought Experiment
The Monkees, feat. bespectacled Julie Newmar (a ghost post)

Todd Klein's Blog
Visiting DC Comics in the 1960s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
New Facebook feature: Logo of the Day
When I Lettered DC Covers By Hand
Superman SMASHED!

Tower of Fate
Dr. Fate Animated GIF's
Goodbye, Dr. Fate by Trusty
Dr. Fate's Tower by Craig Hamilton
History of Dr. Fate Pt. 5
Dr. Fate Redesign
Dr. Fate Cosplay
Dr. Fate vs Dr. Strange
Dr. Fate artwork by John Van Fleet
Zombie Dr. Fate
DC Super Powers Dr. Fate Action Figure

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