Monday, May 7, 2012

Comic Reader Résumé: June, 1984

By June 1984, I was no stranger to G.I. Joe a Real American Hero. The animated commercials were on the air, the toys were in the aisles, and friends were collecting the comics. #27 was special though: it was "Snake-Eyes: The Origin Part II," with a battle against his nemesis Storm Shadow, and a sweet Michael Golden cover. I was going to have to keep a closer eye on the book, because this issue was full of teh awesome for a kid of my age.

Blue Devil #4 was my proper introduction to Zatanna, and her flirtation with Dan made it easy to fall for her. I hadn't read much about the Satellite Era Justice League, so I was as much an awestruck visitor as Blue Devil, even with Elongated Man and Superman being the only other heroes aboard. I'm sure a big part of what endeared me to this series was Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin allowing me to be introduced to the DC Universe alongside Dan, and take part in the wonder of the experience with fresh eyes. Paris Cullins and Gary Martin had a friendly, inviting art style, each complementing the other well. By the way, despite being a fan of Cullins for the majority of my life, I never saw a picture of him before today...

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #6 was a good primer for learning the garden variety villains of the Marvel Universe. Mike Zeck was back on art, and there were some okay subplots.

I'm pretty sure I bought at least one issue of Mighty Crusaders, because I had a few of the toys and was interested in off-brand super-heroes. I think #9 was the one I had, probably maybe. The figures sucked, and I remember nothing about the comic today (or ten years ago, or ten days after reading it that one time.)

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The Irredeemable Shag said...

Paris Cullins had a way of making a girl with a bug on her head look sexy.