Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Steel in Action Comics #7 (May, 2012)

"New Troy is the heart of Metropolis." Millions lived in the city's center of business and entertainment, until it suddenly vanished from the Earth. In the lead story by Morrison & Morales, Dr. John Henry Irons had calculated that "Superman" would have to run 25,000 mph going off a ramp to high jump into outer space and reach the alien kidnappers' satellite. Done. While city citizens fretted, Superman liberated an indestructible Kryptonian armor (his New 52 costume) and prepared to battle Brainiac for the fate of Earth and the bottled island of New Troy and city of Kandor. You can read more about that here.

Meanwhile, the rest of Metropolis was still falling apart, and needed Dr. Irons in his battle armor to keep it together. Dubbed the "Steel-Driving Man," Irons held a bridge up until pedestrians could escape its inevitable collapse. "Well, this settles one thing: When I upgrade to the next generation of my armor-- it needs a helmet!" Dr. Irons then borrowed a cell phone from one of the people he'd saved to check in on his family. Niece Natasha was okay, and would pass word along to her parents and Grandma Bess.

Dr. Irons continued his mission, pushing a ferry to safety and so on, but the job was too big for one mortal man. Thankfully, emergency services and concerned citizens were also up for some heroism. "Wherever I go, the people of Metropolis are coming together to meet the crisis... It doesn't take one hero. It takes millions of them.

"Meanwhile..." was a really nice back-up by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker. John Henry Irons is The Man, building his own armor and saving multitudes while staying humble and recognizing the merits in all those around him. His heart's as big as his brain, which is huge.

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