Thursday, October 7, 2010

DC75: Robin the Collegiate Wonder (Batman #217, 1969)

I blame Frederick Wertham, as usual. Nobody ever had cause to think of Batman and Robin's relationship as anything other than familial before Seduction of the Innocent... a title that takes on a whole new meaning when Bruce eyes up Dick in a lonely Batcave. A few widely circulated insinuations later, and studly Wayne Manor has Aunt Harriet foisted on it. Next came the Beardly Duo of Batwoman and Bat-Girl. Finally, after thirty years of NAMBLA bliss (two centuries in Batback Mounting years,) Batman and Robin finally broke up. Dick Grayson had matured into a Teen Wonder who needed to sample the broader buffet that was Hudson University. Feeling his age, Bruce Wayne moved on up to the eastside of Gotham-- a deluxe apartment in the sky that would be like catnip to metropolitan club kids. That old queen Alfred closed up the Batcave forever (never say never again, Pennyworth,) and the Bronze Age truly began for the Dark Knight Detective. By Bronze Age I mean the years when Bruce laid down shag carpeting on his chest and invited as many women as would lay on it to confirm his heterosexuality to the masses. He's all Bat-Man, ladies & gentlemen!

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