Thursday, March 3, 2011

Direct Currents: Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Batman's Muslim Sidekick
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Comics Missing In Action by Joe Gualtieri

Usually, when people write columns about comics not collected in trade paperbacks, they look at series that haven’t been collected at all (say, Paul Jenkins’s Hellblazer) or where the collected editions were abandoned (Hitman). Instead, I’m mainly going to be looking at issues missing from collected runs of comics, prominent stories that haven’t been reprinted, and cancelled trade paperbacks.

Wednesday Make Up Review: Wonder Woman MAC

Firstly, Hollywood got hold of DC, now MAC: one of the most globalised cosmetics companies with the most diverse and commercial customer base on the planet, and they’ve decided to launch a make-up range featuring Wonder Woman. This controversial yet eagerly-awaited collaborative collection from MAC has been launched today in the UK.

Comic creators I wish would return to comics

Without getting too sentimental, here’s a list of some comic creators I’ve grown to love over the years that have (unfortunately) dropped off the American comics scene by-and-large. If you know them, tell them I’d raid my bank account for new work by them!

The Line It Is Drawn #30 – Dwayne McDuffie Tribute

The Shazam "Superhero Color-a-Deck" card game

Hipster Superheroines: An Infinite Crisis of Irony

New 'Young Justice' 6" and Two-Pack Action Figure Images

Jesse Lonergan's Super-Hero Dance Party For Batman, Spider-Man and More

Kyle Latino's iPad Superhero Portraits Reach Out and Touch You [Art]

Derek Charm Embraces Gods, Monsters and Arm-Fall-Off-Boy [Art]

Best Art Ever (This Week) - 02.25.11

Comics Everybody: The History of Lex Luthor Explained [Comic]

Geeksoaps: The Cleaning Agent for the Everyfan

Make Your Own Batman TV Show Bust Switch

Charlie Sheen Quotes Presented by Superheroes

Weekend Review Section

The Buy Pile by Hannibal Tabu: FEBRUARY 23RD, 2011

The Buy Pile by Hannibal Tabu: MARCH 3RD, 2011

The Virgin Read: Jennifer Blood by Nina Stone

Wednesday Is Any Day For All I Care #97 by Diabolu Frank


PyroTwilight said...

Heh, Nightrunner like the other Batmen works pretty well. Why Batman is making an army of Batmen is whole other question. Not like crime couldn't use beating up earlier but still.

Is Pigman a real thing? I can't tell with how "serious" that was.

Diabolu Frank said...

Pigman is an actual thing. Bleeding Cool has reported on that mess a few times now.

I remember that before the conservative hubbub, Nightrunner was hailed by critics and fans as... wait... he wasn't hailed. He would have come and gone like a non-featured New Blood in one of those annuals. Remember the black guy with the long fingernails from Geist's origin? He would have been that guy. Now, he's been turned into a symbol of diversity and acceptance with an okay costume and a remarkably dumb name. At least Night Thrasher got a skateboard.