Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who's Dat: Karnage

Real Name: Charlie Karnage
Other Aliases:
Occupation: Enforcer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Stenville Enterprises
Base of Operations: Gotham City
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #286 (December, 1981)

Charlie Karnage was a street punk who decided his ticket to the big time rackets was to make his name as "the enforcer who offed the Huntress!" To that end, he was outfitted with weapons and a costume by a mysterious new employer named "Mister Stenville." Likely following police reports related to the Huntress centering on Gotham Memorial Hospital, Karnage assaulted the heroine in a back alley the morning after an exhausting nighttime mission. Karnage initially subdued her in a choke hold, but the Huntress broke free with a back flip and kick to the jaw. Karnage then continued his attack with advanced weaponry, but lacked the skill and aim to use them effectively, allowing the heroine to escape unharmed. Karnage returned to his employer, who suggested the enforcer kill Arthur Cranston, "--a lawyer she and Robin risked their lives to protect! Kill him. Then wait for her to come to you."

Karnage burst through the window of Cranston, Grayson and Wayne, a public interest law firm, where he encountered Helena Wayne and litigator Charles Bullock. "I want Arthur Cranston, fools-- and I want him now! That turkey's my ticket to the Huntress' funeral!" While Wayne debated compromising her secret identity, Bullock leapt to her defense. However, Karnage easily caught the shyster by the throat and tossed him aside, snapping Bullock's tie in two with his whip as he fell. Realizing Cranston wasn't on the property, Karnage left. Wayne exposed Bullock to sleeping gas to insure she wouldn't be followed, then gave chase as the Huntress.

The heroine determined that Karnage's benefactor was the same mobster whose Stenville Enterprises had tried to bury Arthur Cranston and his firm before being threatened by Huntress and Robin. Huntress badgered the mobster until he fainted from fright, then interrogated one of his goons at knifepoint to learn Karnage's whereabouts. The Huntress managed to catch Karnage unawares, and quickly separated him from his arsenal. With a kick to the Adam's apple, Karnage was taken out of commission.

Karnage possessed minor super-strength. He was armed with wrist-launching mini-missiles and an electrified bullwhip.

"Lady, you just wrote out your death notice! There ain't been a dame made who can outslug me!"

Created by: Paul Levitz & Joe Staton

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