Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doom Patrol #5 (February, 2010)

Black Lantern Cliff Steele managed to rattle Robotman's cage briefly, but ended up smashed to pulp. "Ain't a part'a any'a our heads the Chief ain't screwed with. Compared t'him... you clowns're rank amateurs!" Meanwhile, the Negative entities merged and entered Black Lantern Negative Woman, until her body was destroyed by the emergent Negative Man. "Connection Severed."

The singularity proved helpful to the Chief, following his order to seal Black Lantern Celsius in a force field before the pair teleported far from her wrath. Meanwhile, Elasti-Girl was trapped under rubble, unable to reduce her size without being crushed. Oolong Island's all-female troops tried to arrest Black Lantern Tempest, and while he was distracted, Rita gobbled him up and spit him out. Elasti-Girl was sick of being defined by jackass men, and pulling herself free, vowed never again. Black Lantern Tempest continued to treat Elasti-Girl as willing rape bait, and dropped a tsunami to get her all wet.

Elasti-Girl realized she needed to stop thinking with her fists, and rejoined Robotman and Larry while crushing the Black Lantern Cliff Steele. The Chief ordered the group to a hangar deck, where the Doom Patrol lured the Black Lanterns through a teleportation device set up by Oolong security. However, the Patrol were caught in the same trap, while the Chief fell unconscious from injuries.

"Back In Black" was by Keith Giffen, Justiniano and Livesay.

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