Friday, August 5, 2011

OMAC #6 (July-August, 1975)

FLESH and BLOOD MONSTERS in the world that’s coming! An evil phenomenon that arises in the shadows cast by the mysterious and powerful Crime Cabal!! …But this menace that lurks and pounces isn’t nearly as frightening as the objective sought by…


“Sickies” were deformed green-skinned humanoids that were subjected to radiation and hormone treatments before being used to guard tunnels leading to the Terminal. Suddenly, a voice from space alerted OMAC that he should be prepared to receive transmission beams from Brother Eye to gird him for the upcoming combat. The beams passed under Electric City, through the outlawed subway system, to OMAC’s belt. Buck Blue saw a flash, and was told “It’s like taking your vitamins, Buck… all of them… in one big barrel!”

The pair reached “Mugger’s Stop,” a station where kidnap victims were transferred to the “Gang Train” once the Crime Cabal were alerted by “Pocket Phone.” OMAC freed one such captive, who was escorted to safety by Peace Agents tailing OMAC. “I know… you’re not allowed to fight.” Buck borrowed a “heater” from one downed mugger shortly before the Gang Train arrived. Buck tried to back out, but OMAC dragged him aboard.

Once the train started moving, poison gas was released into the speeding car. OMAC found the noxious emission canister, ripped it from the floor, tore open a side wall, and began airing out the car. However, train cars began detonating one by one from the caboose forward, as the Crime Cabal were intent on keeping OMAC out of the Terminal. Rolling into the Terminal, the last remaining car was fired upon by a squad armed with automatic weapons. Next, a laser rifle blew the remains to bits, all except a “Molecular Cocoon” created by Brother Eye to protect the passengers, which hurled at the assailants. Thugs flew like tenpins, until OMAC ripped free to continue his own assault.

Tough Tully Morgan was set to become the first recipient of a new body through the Medi-Mind, a stolen miracle computer that worked automatically to perform the operation… if not for OMAC, who put a stop to the travesty. Every young prospect was saved, including Buck Blue’s girlfriend, while Peace Agents delicately mopped up any remaining resistance without resorting to violence.

“The Body Bank!” was by Jack Kirby with D. Bruce Berry.

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