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Direct Currents: Monday, June 28, 2010

JONAH HEX (2010) Screenplay

The following screenplays are uploaded for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and no copyright infringement is intended.

'Superman/Batman: Apocalypse' Cover Art Revealed

Before we begin, let's just get the obvious out of the way - yes, we're looking at yet another DC Universe Original Animated Movie starring Superman and Batman and seemingly based on Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner's "Supergirl" storyline from the second volume of "Superman/Batman."

Lauren Donner Wants Wonder Woman, Tori Black Beats Her To It


Wonder Woman Can Save The World, an essay by Lynda Carter

“Did you bring your Lasso of Truth?” people ask me, and I have to laugh...

Wonder Woman #600 pin-up by Phil Jimenez

Jeffery Klaehn's Chuck Dixon Interview

A chat with writer Chuck Dixon about his early influences, superheroes, CrossGen, the comics industry, and continuity.

Blast From The Past: Marvel And DC Royalty 1976 Announcements

Following up on the DC and Marvel letters send to freelancers and printed by Bleeding Cool this week, we take a look back to 1976, courtesy of Scott Edelman. Here are the original letters from both DC Comics and then Marvel in 1976, announcing that they would be paying creators for further exploitation of their work…

ComicsAlliance's 20 Best Superman Panels

When "Batman" #700 hit shelves two weeks ago, we here at ComicsAlliance decided to celebrate the Caped Crusader by offering up a list of my favorite Batman panels, Now, with "Superman" #700 released yesterday, it's the Man of Steel's turn!

ComicsAlliance's 18 Best Batman Panels

This week saw the release of Batman #700, a pretty huge milestone for the series (if, you know, you ignore the fact that there were also a #0 and a #1,000,000, making this the seven-hundred and second issue of "Batman"), and in celebration, I've gone through my archives of Batman stories to find 18 of my all-time favorite panels!

Tony DeZuniga: The Pinoy Mind behind ‘Jonah Hex’

Veteran artist Tony DeZuniga talks about the creation of Jonah Hex, his career and his new graphic novel Jonah Hex: No Way Back.

Numbercrunching: Justice League – Rise Of Arsenal #4


What If… Mark Millar Wrote For DC Comics Again?

Inspired by a Millarworld thread, how would famous DC comic book scenes have read if they’d been written by Marvel-exclusive writer and creator of Kick-Ass, Mark Millar? He’s known for taking comic book characters and making them suitable for thirteen year old boys. But he’s been at Marvel a long time. Surely the pull of 1700 Broadway must be hard to resist.


A divided Teen Titans go on a hunt for Raven. Plus a bonus preview of the final issue of THE WEB

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Batman Beyond" #1

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Batman Beyond" #1, the new miniseries detailing the DCU adventures of Terry McGinnis as told by Adam Beechan and Ryan Benjamin. The future arrives on June 30.


The Aquaman Shrine
Comic Book Zodiac - Pisces
Comic Book Zodiac - Aquarius
"Batman XXX"

Every Day Is Like Wednesday
Or maybe just a minor art mistake...from Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3

Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!
The Physical Prowess of Guy Gardner

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
2007 Paradise Press Inc. Justice League Unlimited Martian Manhunter Origin
2007 Paradise Press Inc. Justice League Unlimited Martian Manhunter Activity Pages

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Review: Superman #700 Part 1

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