Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who's Dat: Wyldheart

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Real Name: Gillian Wahrman
Other Aliases: Wyldheart
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nadjia (adoptive grandmother,) Abriam (adoptive father,) Dathan (adoptive uncle)
Group Affiliation: Symbolix Corporation
Base of Operations: Hollis-Reynolds Academy for Girls near Richmond, VA
First Appearance: DAMAGE #3 (June 1994)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with white streaks
Other Distinguishing Features:


Abriam Wahrman was on an East African hunting expedition when a sonic boom and mysterious figures in the distance caught his attention. The figures vanished, but Wahrman did find an infant girl lying in a high tech carrier within the bush. Wahrman became the child's foster father, and soon discovered she had amazing powers that grew as she aged. Wahrman and his family trained the girl, Gillian, in their use. Gillian Wahrman became a student and occasional young agent of the Symbolix Corporation, codenamed "Wyldheart." She was nearly killed in a training exercise by the beastly Troll, fostering continuing animosity between the two. Wyldheart was forced to again confront Troll in an effort to protect and observe the test subject Telemachus, also known as the hero Damage. Partnering with Damage led Wyldheart to meet Iron Munro and the New Titans, as well as causing conflicts with The Baron and Steelhawk. Once Damage learned of Wyldheart's connection to Symbolix, he cut ties with the girl, despite her aid and the fast bond they shared. Gillian tearfully implored, "All right-- I'll go. I... won't bother you anymore-- but please let me help you!" It was not to be, as Wyldheart left Damages life for good, returning years later to attend his funeral.


Gillian Wahrman can manipulate energy into constructs like force shields, as well as project multi-pronged energy beams. She is also capable of high speed flight.

Some sources claim that Wyldheart came from New Genesis, but if so, she would be the rare survivor of the recent "Day Evil Won," which was preceded by the death of the New Gods.

Created by Tom Joyner and Bill Marimon

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