Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Justice League of America #13-15 (11/07- 1/08)

Black Canary sent her fiancé Green Arrow home while she chaired a meeting of the Justice League to deal with their members' kidnappings. Vixen, Black Lightning, Hawkgirl, Superman, Red Tornado and Green Lantern John Stewart were in attendance. Dinah decided to split the group in two and investigate different sites, while Stewart recommended Black Lightning stay behind to safeguard their headquarters. Stewart also teased Jefferson Pierce that his new bald look was probably a "negative combover" to conceal natural balding.

Green Lantern led Red Tornado and the wounded Hawkgirl to St. Vincent's Hospital, where Wonder Woman had been abducted. Killer Frost was still around, taking out Red Tornado in seconds (big surprise.) Green Lantern clobbered Frost, then had to deal with a more personal foe, Fatality, complete with her new Sinestro Corps power ring. Having easily swiped the ring and contained the last survivor of Xanshi, Stewart moved on to the Shadow Thief. However, the Lantern was felled from within, as Poison Ivy activated and overpopulated flora in his digestive track. Elsewhere, most of the other Leaguers were captured, and all were bound for torture.

Superman and Black Lightning tracked down the Hall of Doom, but their assault on the base wasn't entirely successful. Superman nearly ended up on the receiving end of Lex Luthor's kryptonite blade, until straggler Firestorm transmuted it into a plastic butter knife. However, Lex Luthor still had over a dozen super-villains to call upon. "I have to admit, this looks pretty bad. I just got out of the hospital, I'm outnumbered, you guys are the frickin' Legion of Doom... but I do have an ace up my sleeve." He'd slipped Batman a ballpoint pen on the way in, and the Dark Knight had seen to the release of all prisoners.

Red Arrow armed Hawkgirl with a couple of his arrows, but neglected to stop Cheshire when Kendra noted she was escaping out a window. Roy instead drove a shaft through Fatality's hand. This freed Green Lantern up to concentrate on Dr. Light. Once dispatched, Stewart turned back to Fatality.

Black Lightning thanked Firestorm, and tried to get him to put Red Tornado back together again. While outside Jason's skill set, the useless android was beyond repair anyway, as usual. Gorilla Grodd attacked all three heroes, but was buried by Geo-Force, who'd taken offense to the super-gorilla's stated intent to eat him.

Green Lantern John Stewart was joined by fellow corpsman Hal Jordan, and the pair held Lex Luthor down while Superman peeled off his armor. The Man of Steel wanted to know what Luthor was really up to, not the cock and bull story he laid on the Legion of Doom. There would be no time for that, as Amanda Waller and Task Force X swooped in to arrest all the super-villains. The warrants were in order, so Black Canary released the prisoners without a fight. She had a wedding to get to in a few hours, anyway.

Firestorm was making the rounds with the League when Batman essentially drafted him against his will to join the team. "That wasn't an offer, son. It's the way it's going to be. You're too powerful to be out there unsupervised." Wonder Woman agreed, and Superman welcomed Jason to the team.

The Injustice League" was by Dwayne McDuffie, Joe Benitez, Ed Benes, Victor Llamas and Sandra Hope.

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