Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Direct Currents: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DAYBREAK: David Finch's "Brightest Day"

"Brightest Day"cover artist David Finch spoke about why he loves drawing Deadman and Aquaman for the bi-weekly event title, what he finds challenging about Firestorm and a tease about another big project.

Veitch's Tour of Duty With The "Unknown Soldier"

CBR News spoke with comics veteran Rick Veitch who gave us an exclusive inside look at the process involved with illustrating the standalone story in "Unknown Soldier" #21, on sale today.

Catwoman Is Real And Working In New York

Everyone Is Talking About It

& looking for responsible parties.

Wonder Woman – Bring On The Haters

So Wonder Woman has a new costume. And a new origin. What has the response been? Well, it’s not good.

Reactions to Wonder Woman's New Look

With DC's revelation of Wonder Woman's new direction and costume, reactions have been flying fast and furious across the internet, from mainstream media outlets to fans to Lynda Carter herself.

Wonder Woman's Dated New Duds, or: Desperately Seeking Zeus-an

The ComicsAlliance Roundtable: Wonder Woman's Costume Change

DC Comics announced yesterday that Wonder Woman's getting a new costume design courtesy of co-publisher Jim Lee, who I've heard also does art. It's a pretty huge change (into pants!), and so to mark the occasion, Laura Hudson, Caleb Goellner, David Uzumeri, David Brothers and I are taking a look back at some of the other costumes Wonder Woman's sported over the years, from the Golden Age to today.

So Aquaman found this on the bottom of the ocean by CHRIS SAMNEE

Wondering About Wonder Woman? Dan DiDio Explains the Costume Change [Interview]

J. Michael Straczynski on Wonder Woman Coming to America and Covering Up [Interview]

Artist Don Kramer on WONDER WOMAN Changes, New Look

Putting Wonder Woman In Leggings

Today, Jim Lee announced his new costume design for Wonder Woman. My first reaction was “finally, she’s covered up a bit”.

Numbercrunching: Wonder Woman #600 – One More Diana


Amazon Princess
If I had a daughter...

The Aquaman Shrine
Aqualad by Tory Schafer, Age 7
Batman and Aquaman by Mohanad Huthyfa Age 9

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
The Inglorious Return of Biker Slut Wondy

Firestorm Fan
Firestorm Original Art Splash Pages

Girls Gone Geek
Wonder Woman’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Review: Superman #700 Part 2

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