Saturday, September 24, 2011

InDirect Currents: Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still playing catch-up after dropping this feature in May. Hopefully, the currents will be more direct in coming weeks...


The Absorbascon
Justice League #1 Review
In which Hal encounters a New Concept!
1001 Ways to Defeat Green Arrow
1001 Ways to Defeat Green Arrrow, #11:

The Aquaman Shrine
Aquaman vs. The Justice League!
Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark by Mego - 1978
Justice League Lunch Bag - 1978
The Aquaman Creative Team Rocks NYCC '11
Super Heroes Checker Set!
Super Friends Swim Goggles - 1979

Armagideon Time
The Wizard that Wuz(ard): Nefarious designs
Underwater brother
Sandman trading cards!

The ArrowCave
The Arrow Cave Needs YOU!
Retro-Active Green Lantern/Green Arrow 1970'S One -Shot
Trick Arrow Tuesday!
Nifty looking drinking glass

Being Carter Hall
Heads Up JSA!
"Pleasure Chests" Hawkman
Read: Hawman v.2:no.4

Comics Make Me Happy!
Superheroes art print by Danny Haas

Michael Nelsen corners GREEN LANTERN

DC Fifty-TOO!
BLUE BEETLE(S) #1 by Mike Norton
DETECTIVE COMICS #1 by Dan Christensen
DEX-STARR #1 by Katie Cook
HOUSE OF MYSTERY #1 by Matt Kaufenberg
LIBERTY BELLE #1 by Joel Priddy

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
1977 "Help A Hero.." NCG Merchandise Ad
2006 Green Lantern & Darkstar Commission by Darryl Banks
Wonder Woman Day by Cat Staggs

Every Day Is Like Wednesday
Norm Breyfogle's Batman Rogues Gallery
Kelley Jones' Batman Rogues Gallery
Tim Sale's Batman Rogues Gallery
Brian Bolland's Batman Rogues Gallery

Firestorm Fan
George Perez 1999 Firestorm Drawing
Blackest Night #3 Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Reenacted with Action Figures
1992 Impel DC Comics Firestorm Trading Card
Rafael Kayanan Firestorm Sketch
Al Milgrom Firestorm Sketch from 1979

Girls Gone Geek
Jakita Wagner
Batman Beyond

The Idol-Head of Diabolu
2011 Martian Manhunter Comicpalooza Commission by Nick Pitarra
Miss Martian and the New World Order
2011 B'rett Comicpalooza Commission by Nick Pitarra
The Magnificent Seven Revised Again
2011 B'rett Comicpalooza Color Art by Nick Pitarra

Justice League Detroit
2008 The Vixen art by Marsonite
2008 The Vixen art by larthosgrr8
2009 The Vixen Digital 3-D Pin-Up by Gustavo

Power of the Atom
2011 Justice League of America #212 Twin Pocket Folder Style #1490DC

Silver Age Comics
The Sinestro Story
Darwin of the Guardians
Flash #123
Wonder Woman 156--Return of the Golden Age

Subject : THE SUICIDE SQUAD (Task Force X)
Raise The Flag: An overview of this pivitol 2008 mini-series
Captain Boomerang and what goes around
Countdown 22: Trickster, in the line of Deadshot's fire

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
Batgirl #23
Batgirl #24
Supergirl #66
DC Retroactive: 1970s Superman
Back Issue Box: Batman Chronicles #20
Back Issue Box: Detective Comics #508

Review Section

Comic Judgment by Erika Peterman

Comic Shop Comics by J. Caleb Mozzocco

Wednesday Is Any Day For All I Care by Diabolu Frank

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