Saturday, August 28, 2010

DC75: Celebrating Seventy-Five Years of DC Comics

National Allied Publications was founded in 1934, but observes its birthday as represented by the February 1935 publication date of New Fun, "The Big Comic Magazine," which ran six issues. It was replaced by New Comics in December, which changed its name after a year to New Adventure Comics before dropping the "New" in 1938. By then, Detective Comics had launched what would become the namesake of DC Comics in March of 1937, and the June 1938 cover-dated debut of Superman in Action Comics #1 would define the company forevermore.

DC Bloodlines and associated blogs celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday of DC Comics...

DC75: Top Character Covers of the Dodranscentennial

CSBG's Top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History

DC75: The Truly Most Memorable Moments of the Dodranscentennial


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