Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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If Green Lantern Was a Pervert [Comic]

Green Lantern has a magic space ring that can do anything, and it’s his job to patrol an inconceivably giant section of the universe. So imagine you were a man, with a man’s needs, all by yourself in space, with a ring that can do anything. Your imagination just conjured Man Comics Presents: Green Lantern: Star Pervert. Great job.

Mattel Introduces Green Lantern Classic Wave One this Fall

While fans have yet to see a movie-specific action figure bearing the likeness of Ryan Reynolds or other "Green Lantern" film stars, Mattel showed up to Comic-Con with a strategic selection of GL toys from an upcoming "Classics" line in scale with their other DC Universe Classics 6" heroes and villains.

CCI: Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics

Comics legend Jerry Robinson sat down with fans at Comic-Con International to discuss his tenure on Batman and discuss "Jerry Robinson: Ambassador Of Comics," the new book on his contribution to comics.

VOTE: The 75 Most Memorable Moments In DC Comic History

All the options have been posted, and now it's time for you, the readers, to vote for your picks for the most memorable moments in DC Comics History!

CSBG's The 75 100 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History Candidates!



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